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The United States welcomes thousands of new immigrants in various legal categories each and every year. Many seek out life in the United States because of the viability of the economy and the ability to pursue gainful employment. Others come to study or to escape from the immense hardships of life in other corners of the world.

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Our New York immigration attorney offers the following services for immigrants and their families:

Coming to the United States

Those who come from abroad and wish to reside in the United States may qualify to legally stay and potentially in the United States if they can prove their ability to legitimately meet the criteria of one seeking asylum or through applying through a family-based petition.

Asylum is a right granted to those who suffer persecution based on their race, ethnicity, religion, social membership, or political opinion in their country of origin. Applicants who meet these criteria must file a Form I-589 to be approved by the USCIS.

The U.S. Department of State also allows for immediate relatives of citizens, including spouses, unmarried minor children, children adopted abroad, and parents of a citizen to live in the United States after filing and the approval of a family-based petition. The Department of Immigration also allows a specific number of family preference visas each year.

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